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The Healing Power of Nature – What Does It Mean?

There are plenty of programs that advertise the healing power of nature. The premise is very simple. The body has the wisdom and tools to heal itself from almost any ailment. However, it needs supportive strategies to tell it what to do and to help it through this process. By using nature to do this, it is possible to minimize risks associated with traditional medicine such as invasive procedures and toxic chemical medicines. Dr. Tasmin Wilhelm, ND, focuses on providing natural and botanical medicine to people of all ages to encourage health and wellbeing on a physical and spiritual level.

Exploring the Healing Power of Nature

Using the same understanding of the body found in bio-medicine, Dr. Tasmin Wilhelm, ND works to provide support through natural methods. This includes several things. First, the goal is to focus on whole body health. This means looking at the big picture to determine what is happening and why. Second, it means addressing a person’s needs based on the cause rather than the symptoms. This indicates that the treatment used should address the reason why a person feels bad or is suffering rather than just minimizing pain or other symptoms.

In addition to this, natural medicine uses natural therapies to promote the body’s ability to heal itself. There are many aspects to this. Botanical medicine is one component. By using natural elements to heal the body, there is less risk of toxic buildup and damage. In addition to this, there’s a need to provide treatment such as clinical nutrition, counseling, and hydrotherapy. Some people need physical manipulation to encourage blood flow for healing. Others benefit from acupuncture, which can help to improve energy and stimulates natural healing.

In every situation, a person needs a customized treatment plan to address their health. Dr. Tasmin Wilhelm, ND, works with each person on an intimate level to ensure the least invasive and most effective solution is used to help people to heal.

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