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Improving General Medicine with a Whole Person View

Seeking out care from a traditional doctor may not provide the results some people desire. That may be due to the simple fact that many men and women are only getting help for their symptoms. For example, in general medicine, a person who has a cough needs treatment for a cold. Yet, it could be an allergy, an ongoing immune system problem, or hormones that cause these symptoms to occur. More so, there may be other symptoms occurring across the body to provide more insight, such as changes to the skin, aches and pains, and tension. When a person turns to Dr. Tasmin Wilhelm, ND, they get a whole body level of care. That is remarkably different from what many would expect in other services.

How Can a Naturopathic Doctor Near Me Really Help?

The key here is that the body has its own natural ability to heal itself. Yet, often, only the symptoms of an underlying condition are ever treated, leaving the cause untreated. With a whole person treatment, the goal is to integrate physical and spiritual dimensions. The treatment plan, then, focuses on helping to encourage the body’s natural healing processes. It also means providing the right foundation for natural health.

What Can a Naturopathic Doctor Near Me Do for Me?

The goal of naturopathic care is to provide specialized attention to an individual’s needs based on physical and spiritual aspects. A treatment plan may include nutrition, physical manipulation, acupuncture, and exercise. There is also an important level of prevention included in naturopathic care that focuses on disease prevention through overall health and wellness goals.

For those seeking change, it starts with a visit to Dr. Tasmin Wilhelm, ND. Discuss specific concerns, learn what is really happening, and get the level and type of care necessary for true improvement.

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